Our longhorn journey began in 1977, while on our honeymoon, we purchased our first cows at the annual Baker-Doherty Champagne sale in Lawton, Oklahoma. In 1978, we moved to the ranch near Cassoday, KS, where Randy served as ranch manager of the cow/calf operation. He also served as president of the Kansas Texas Longhorn Association for two years.

Unfortunately, due to health issues with Kim's dad, Bob, the ranch was sold in 1984. Although we had a total dispersal sale, we retained six cows for a few years. At the time of the sale and relocation, Randy and our youngest son Andy, were also building a commercial starter/background yard. However, our hearts remained in the Longhorn business. We missed the beauty, simplicity, peace, and tranquility they brought to our world. So, in 2013, Randy bought Kim a longhorn steer for a Christmas gift from Mike and Debbie Bowman, and hence was the rebirth of Flinthills Longhorns!

We currently have 40 head of cows and are still growing. The difference in cows from then and now, of course, are the horns! Their beauty is still second to none! Randy has since sold the starter yard to Andy, so once again, we have the time and ability to grow our herd, and dedicate more time to promoting this majestic breed!